Recently it came to my attention that in Australia, the website has been blocked from local ISPs in domain name level. is the website that is being "scraped" by AliveGR to fetch content to your screen. This means if you can't access movies, tv shows or series, the domain is blocked by your ISP. There are some solutions to this problem:

  1. Change your network's domain name servers. If you can't change DNSs in your home router the only solution is to change on every device you use. For Android devices I recommend installing the "14" (or application from Google Play Store or even "DNS jumper". For Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems you can google "change dns server <your os>. This is the easiest to do.
  2. Mirror the site with another domain name, but this must be done by the webmaster. Highly improbable.
  3. Create a mirror database and use it on AliveGR. Possible, but quite difficult to implement.